Who I am?

I am a remote UX / UI designer, based in Madrid since 2018. Although I travel a lot to my hometown, Mallorca.As a creator of digital products, I design wireframes, workflows, texts, iconography, and illustrations to create accessible apps and websites.
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What I do when I am not working?

I really enjoy traveling and trying adventure sports. Although I also spend days watching Netflix marathons.Photography and technology are my second passions. Since I was little they taught me to use the camera and until then I have not been able to separate myself from it.

I plan, manage and design the contents of a digital product. I carry out workshops and meetings with clients to materialize all their ideas.And pass all the information in a clear and orderly way to the UX and UI team.
It is in charge of improving the user experience through content writing, workflows and architecture maps.This information is extracted from previous research, interviews and the creation of user personas or JTBD.
Make all the visual part of the project by designing wireframes, interfaces, style guides, mockups and animations.