Coti Express is a B2C virtual connectivity and management software app for insurance brokers. Connects the client, the agent and the insurance company to shorten and improve the contracting of coverage.


Redesign the Coti Express connectivity and management software.


Design and content unification.

Content design

  • Understand customer needs and transform them into business opportunities.
  • Search of references and benchmark of the competition.
  • B2C business research for the correct development and design of content.
  • Audit of all screens to analyze strengths and weaknesses and improve workflow.
  • Extraction and redesign of content to improve usability.
  • Readaptation and unification of voice and tone.

UX Writing

  • Information architecture restructuring to facilitate menu access.
  • Regrouping the main actions, focusing the user's attention on the pricing process.
  • Unification of the labels and placeholders of all forms.
  • Redesign of the vertical forms for a faster and more intuitive reading.
  • Reorganization of the elements of the main offers screen and improved usability.

UI Design

  • Redesign of the app to facilitate the location of the content.
  • Unification of the brand identity through the correct application of colors, fonts and illustrations.
  • Design of the iconography and illustration.
  • Design of the style guide and components in figma.
  • Responsive design of more than 235 screens.
  • The incorporation and design of a messaging system that informs the user of the actions most performed by other users on each screen.

Before and after the emit screen redesign.