DoctorGO is the online health service of Yoigo (MásMóvil).
Accessible through its own website and telemedicine app.


Redesign an app with the design limitations of Meeting Doctors.
Manage more than 8 providers from different sectors. (QuirónsaludMásMóvil ,DKV ,Sipay , Entrena VirtualMeeting DoctorsTalento Mobile...) to create an optimal product.
Restructure and rebuild a 12+ step onboarding.
Sell the first Design System to the MásMóvil Group.


Establecer reuniones semanales con un representante de cada proveedor para establecer en qué momento del flujo debía intervenir un servicio u otro.
Crear el primer Design System de MásMóvil en Figma y llevar a cabo la migración de Sketch.

Content Design

  • Audit of the web and app to obtain a complete overflow of the DoctorGO flow.
  • Analysis of various telemedicine platforms and MásMóvil products to develop one according to the brand and customer needs.
  • Weekly / daily meetings with suppliers to improve usability.
  • Reducing the number of onboarding screens (the main part of the product where more than 90% of the users fall off) together with the internal and external development team of QuirónSalud. Through autocomplete forms with MásMóvil or QuirónSalud client information.

UX Writing

  • Design and unification of the voice and tone of the contents of the web and app together with a doctor expert in the telemedicine sector and the business and marketing team.
  • Copyrighting of the content and error fields of the forms.

UI Design

  • Redesign of the DoctorGO app and website.
  • Unification and application of DoctorGO tokens to all products (web and app).
  • Support and onboard the marketing department for the correct use of DoctorGo's brand image in online media.
  • The modular design of email templates in Figma for the quick production of newsletters.
  • Research and retouching of all web photos to enhance and reflect the brand image.

Design System

  • For a year, I spent part of my time selling the Design System to the MásMóvil Group. Showing them the different business opportunities.
  • I got the project off the ground, carrying out the migration from Sketch to Figma.
  • I onboarded the new tool, and managed and created new libraries for the Core Components, Tokens, and responsive Patterns of the Web and App.
  • Introducing DoctorGO as the first product with a Design System for the entire MásMóvil Group.

Before and after the redesign of the nutrition screen.