Microcombat is the card game app for kids created by ISG Global. Designed for the little ones to learn in fun way about pathogens and viruses.


Transform an offline game into online.


Maintain the corporate identity of the game and create a clear, brief and easy-to-understand language for children.

UX Design

  • Competitor analysis.
  • Creation of wireframes and mockups for web and RRSS.
  • Design of the style guide.
  • Redesign of 62 cards in 3 sizes.
  • Design of 24 award illustrations.
  • Writing the script for video tutorial and presentation video design.

Graphic designer

  • Preparation of the video-tutorial and presentation video.
  • Export and creation of new elements of the game for assembling animations.
  • RRSS banners design.

Promotional landing page of the cards app